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It's moving day for Bastian Hart and Andy Taylor. The two boys look exhausted from all the heavy lifting but as they get ready to start a new life in their new apartment the excitement at finally being able to live together is palpable. Bastian is adamant that they should finish unpacking boxes but all Andy can think about is packing Bastian's tight twink hole with his horny cock. Andy goes to work on his boy toy playing with his nipples and kissing every inch of his body before warming up Bastian’s bubble butt with some awesome ass play. After all the rimming and spanking Bastian’s hole is finally ready and the boys proceed to break in their new place by fucking all over the unfurnished room and ultimately consummating their new home with two huge cum shots. Starring: Andy Taylor, Bastian Hart

Collin Payne is in for a big surprise when Ohio boy Evan Parker moves in next door. The Midwestern cutie doesn't waste any time charming his way into Collin's apartment for a drink and some sexy small talk. Evan already loves life in the big city as he plays with Collin's tight hole before fucking his new neighbor's bubble butt as both boys moan like they're try to wake up the entire neighborhood! Starring: Evan Parker, Collin Payne

We’ve all been there before. As you enter the club, there’s something in the air tonight. You feel open; ready for whatever. A sexy stranger catches your eye. Next, you’re grinding with him on the dance floor, your hands exploring his body for the first time. You get a little carried away. Maybe you drink a little too much. Your lips lock and you don’t care who sees. You lose yourself in the pulsing music under the flashing neon lights. What began as an ordinary night out turns into a wild ride full of uninhibited fun and unforgettable sex, from what you can remember. Filmed at the legendary Rich’s night club in San Diego, Helix Studios presents “Body Language”, our ode to getting lost in the moment. Starring: Liam Riley, Max Carter


Tyler Hill is single after a bad break up with his boyfriend but is already back on the prowl looking for some good rebound sex. When the stoic teen jock spies Lukas Grande walking down the street he can’t resist inviting the hunky college boy to come get a little closer. Fate takes the two studs on a wild fling where Lukas shows Tyler all the intense kissing, dick sucking, rimming and fucking he’s been missing. Tyler rides Lukas’ hard cock like a champ all over the apartment until they both explode with cum with Lukas finishing Tyler off with some after sex ass play making him forget all about his old boyfriend. Starring: Tyler Hill, Lukas Grande


Some people want an iPad. Some want a big party. For his birthday, all Davey Brooks wants is Jacob’s long hard dick inside him. Who could blame him? Jacob proves to be quite the giver, bestowing Davey’s hungry hole with all 9” of his special birthday gift, along with a cake and candles to sweeten the deal. The two insatiable twinks celebrate all morning long, sucking and fucking until they both explode cum like fireworks fit for the occasion. Best. Birthday. Ever. Starring: Jacob Dixon, Davey Brooks


Fresh face model Troy Ryan films his first porn scene as Evan Parker's new boyfriend Tyler Hill enjoys his first threesome with two very cock hungry young jocks. Troy's big dick gets instantly hard when Evan tweaks his supple and sensitive nipples before Evan and Tyler begin working on stimulating every part of the newbie's pulsing body. Then it's masculine bottom boy Tyler's turn to scream out 'fuck me!' as his two tops pound their poles deep into his tight hole. Starring: Evan Parker, Tyler Hill, Troy Ryan


Words cannot adequately convey the connection between sultry young lovers Andy Taylor and Alex Vaara in their slow-burning new scene. We join the boys as Andy is bringing Alex back from dreamland with a soft kiss and caressing touch. Andy looks deeply into Alex’s glassed over hazel eyes as they continue to kiss and feel the warmth of each other’s smooth skin. The room is thick with lust as Alex chases the white rabbit down Andy’s hole and discovers all the adventures in Andy's wonderland. Starring: Alex Vaara, Andy Taylor

Sports are a natural aphrodisiac so it’s no surprise that slender cutie Kyle Ross and athletic All-American Kody Knight head to the park whenever they want to get revved up before some extra rough sex. Kyle is skeptical that Kody’s training will make him any hornier (or better at soccer) but the hot jock is committed to whipping Kyle’s little ass into shape.


Procrasturbation [pro·cras·tur·ba·tion]: A similar experience to masturbation, it feels good while you're doing it but afterwards you realize that you just fucked yourself; Doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones; The act of Tyler Hill delaying or postponing his cum shot until he explodes. Ex: "I didn't feel like working on my project so, instead, I just laid around procrasturbating." "Your first tip is to avoid procrasturbation." "Man, I love procasturbation!" Starring: Evan Parker, Tyler Hill


Dirty, flirty blondes Lukas Grande and Stefan Nash experience a rollercoaster of emotions as they get swept up in an intense one-night-stand. The next morning the two sexy strangers find themselves lying in bed reminiscing about the best love making of their lives and trying to piece together the thrills of their wild sexcapade. Always the perfect gentleman, Lukas politely tries to leave but Stefan isn’t ready to let their time together come to an end and convinces his new lover to stay with some skilled morning head. Lukas proceeds to pound Stefan all over again proving their passionate affair was more than just a dream. Starring: Lukas Grande, Stefan Nash


New 18-year-old model Tyler Hill knows he's is in for a tough casting call as soon as the quick-witted Kyle Ross walks through the door and starts laying it on the new boy with his inane smartass questions. But things take a turn in Tyler’s favor when he strips down to reveal his hard chiseled body and delicious tight butt. Now that he has Kyle’s attention the interview progresses to Part 2 where Tyler gets top marks for a jaw dropping bareback flip-fuck that leaves Kyle drenched in cum and begging for more. Kyle ends the interview smiling in satisfaction and convinced that he's just unearthed Helix's next huge star. Starring: Kyle Ross, Tyler Hill


Poor Max is moping around the house in a deep post-breakup funk. Luckily he has such a caring, concerned friend in Adrian who will do anything to help Max get through the hurt. Of course the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Adrian lip-locks his grieving buddy, working his way down Max’s perfect chest and abs to free his throbbing cock; because that’s what real friends do. Max is already feeling better as he takes out Adrian’s generously-sized uncut cock, stroking and slurping until he's ready to take the whole thing inside his tight hole. And with each powerful thrust of Adrian’s massive Latin dick, Max’s troubles seem to melt away. Starring: Adrian Rivers, Max Carter


Caleb Reece wanders into a Sex Boutique where he finds himself at the mercy of the mysterious and seductive Andy Taylor. Without saying a word Andy takes control of young Caleb, kissing and caressing his smooth skin before undressing the shy boy to further indulge his lustful desires. Caleb's bubble butt turns bright red from a few well placed spanks while Andy's abs ripple as he gives the bouncy bottom every inch of his college cock. When Andy is done having his way with Caleb he pulls out to finish off his satisfied customer with a steamy facial. Starring: Andy Taylor, Caleb Reece


Dustin Gold and Jack Rayder kick off their California vacation by heading straight to the ocean for a quick dip. The water may be cold but it can't stop these two hotties from making waves as they flirt and horse around. After getting a look at each other's fit bodies the boys decide to take their playtime back to the beach house where they slide out of their skin tight bathing suits and start making out. Dustin proceeds to fuck Jack in all his favorite positions until he has the pale boy moaning with pleasure and begging for more of his tan cock. Starring: Dustin Gold, Jack Rayder


Boyfriends Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande need no introduction after lighting up the screen in their passionate debut with the Helix Real Cam, but now Studio stud Andy Taylor is on hand to push the lovers out of their comfort zone by jumping in bed for the couple's first threesome! Always the perfect gentleman, Andy leads the way downstairs and into the bedroom where the chemistry between the three college hunks is undeniable. Each boy takes their turn getting spit roasted until they're all exhausted with Andy finishing this awesome threesome by giving Lukas a hot and steamy facial that Jack can't resist licking off his sweet boyfriend's smiling face. Starring: Lukas Grande, Jack Rayder, Andy Taylor


Adrian Rivers and Luke Allen are driving home after a late night out dancing when Adrian extends an invitation to his friend to stay over rather then drive across town. Both boys are beat from the long night so Luke graciously agrees and they head home. It's straight to bed for the two tired twinks but at Adrian's house, it's Adrian's rules and that means Luke is obliged to share the bed with his friend instead of crashing on the couch. After a sound night's sleep they wake up rested and horny which suits Luke just fine as he wastes no time taking care of his Latin lover's thick morning wood in preparation for an early sex romp. Starring: Adrian Rivers, Luke Allen


Caleb Reece makes his Helix debut after a thorough vetting by Studio stud Evan Parker. Evan is going over the standard questions with Caleb and doing his best to size up the young man when the interview becomes increasingly seductive and Evan decides to undress with the new boy for a little twink on twink fun. Caleb seems to be guaranteed some more work after he shoots a massive load and manages to get a rise out of the usually stoic Evan who is so spent after the sex that he doesn't bother responding to Caleb's sly question of "So, how'd I do?". Starring: Evan Parker, Caleb Reece


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